PACS solution designed to meet comprehensive needs of radiology departments

IMPAX 6.5 was one of the key solutions the company focused on at RSNA 2010, held in Chicago from November 28th to December 2nd. IMPAX is a sixth-generation integrated RIS/PACS workflow solution for data management and reporting, offering improved productivity through its automated worklists, advanced volumetric study management systems and ability to be deployed across and beyond the hospital enterprise to wherever radiologists need to report from, including at home. IMPAX unites information and imaging in one simplified workflow for reporting efficiency and rapid results distribution to the point-of-care. Agfa HealthCare will showcase all of the solution's new key features at RSNA 2010

New to IMPAX 6.5 this year are advanced features which focus on usability, workflow and productivity, as well as business intelligence, including:
• New guided, extended workflow controls with personalized worklist management, advanced priority rules and color-based sorting for effective task management.
• Long-established, industry-leading IMPAX for Breast Imaging now offers full support of the IHE Mammography Image Profile, solving typical display problems in mixed vendor environments.
• Improved productivity with multi-planar Spine Labeling.
• Fully integrated, advanced image processing including IMPAX Registration & Fusion, IMPAX Volume Viewing and IMPAX for Nuclear Medicine.
• Improvements in result distribution of images and information to referring physicians at the point-of-care.
• Functionality and workflow enhancements to simplify the navigation of complex large volume studies including synchronization across multiple series and active targeting tools for co-planar referencing.
• New IMPAX Business Intelligence (Work In Progress) and data mining tools with real-time digital dashboards for a more focused management of radiology departments as an add-on to IMPAX 6.5.
• IMPAX Kiosk*, newly released, is designed to improve the patient experience and reduce waiting time at registration, while reducing administrative costs and minimizing the instances where errors usually occur. At the self-serve kiosk, patients can identify themselves, check in and sign documents electronically.

*Note: Available in the United States and Canada only.


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