OR becoming an integrated high-performance hub

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OR becoming an integrated high-performance hub

Professional image and video management optimises workflow and enhances patient safety

Operating rooms are extremely complex, and the level of complexity is steadily increasing. This is reflected in the growing number of medical devices, on the one hand, and in the continuously increasing volume of data, on the other. Nowadays, surgical staff are confronted with a flood of highly specialised technology. The challenge is to create workplaces that are as uniform as possible and standardised processes that enable the surgical team to control all the equipment and simplify the workflow.

Controlling the entire flow of information

Both local single-user and complex network installations are possible. The complete solution is precisely adapted to the respective individual needs of the customer

Michael Heuer

This is where Rein Medical steps in with its hardware and software solutions that turn the OR into a digital high-performance centre. "For example, if images and videos need to be distributed, recorded and managed in the OR or beyond, SMART OR offers the ideal solution," says Michael Heuer, Rein Medical Product Manager. "SMART OR is the right choice for everything from single workstations, where image and audio data from local sources need to be documented, to image distribution, archiving and streaming in complex networks."

The solution includes routing, in-room signal distribution and encoding, and enables fast and bandwidth-optimised streaming of media content within the IT network. This is complemented by comprehensive signal management and its network-wide availability. "SMART OR also allows convenient documentation of individual images as well as video and audio sequences for specific patients and procedures. Devices and information systems are connected via established standards, such as HL7 and DICOM," explains Michael Heuer.

All processes integrated

The targeted control of environment components and workflows enables hospital-wide streaming and editing of videos and images as well as direct assignment to patients. "In this context, we assure the connection of central directory services and the establishment of individual profiles for different users. Both local single-user and complex network installations are possible. The complete solution is precisely adapted to the respective individual needs of the customer," Heuer explains.

The integrated OR is rounded off by the DoorSign digital terminal. The intelligent terminal, equipped with a 10-inch LCD display, touch function and colour illumination, clearly displays all important workflow information interactively, for instance the procedure progress, potential infection risks and general room information such as warnings during X-ray examinations or laser procedures, and enables the active documentation of cleaning processes.

In addition to the workflow components, Rein Medical also offers the optimally matching hardware with OPERION workstations and wall-integrated monitors as well as the versatile all-in-one CLINIO PC series.

More information: https://reinmedical.com/de/produkte/smart-or


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