Nursing documentation meets legal requirements

Since 1988, all general hospitals are legally required to collect quarterly data for a Nursing Minimum Data Set (NMDS). The NMDS was revised from 23 to 78 items in 1997.

Imelda Hospital, in Bondheiden, one of the first hospitals there to implement PACS, was also among the first to implement Agfa Healthcare’s Orbis Care system. This went live last November. Since then, over 15,000 nursing documentation forms have been registered electronically in Orbis. In a second phase (completion: end of 2008) the NDMS and the Orbis electronic care workflows will be integrated.
Care Planning is also to be implemented within Orbis, where the captured data from the Nursing Documentation is immediately available for planning processes. Additionally, the patient chart, a tool to evaluate a patient’s status and adapt corresponding care planning in Orbis, will provide nurses and physicians with a complete overview of all necessary activities and observations.


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