MCare Portal and MCare Remote Services streamline service, uptime and education

Maquet Critical Care introduced two new MCare Services components, MCare Portal and MCare Remote Services, to enhance the current Maquet MCare worldwide services and provide more flexibility.

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As a customised platform for hospitals, MCare Portal provides access to installed base information, the latest news, training material, extensive product information, and an interface to e-learning, providing a high standard of training and development for medical staff, Maquet pointed out. ‘It offers access to all documentation needed throughout the lifecycle of the product such as user and service documentation, training schedules and recorded symposia as well as the installed base information. Furthermore, MCare Portal provides an interface to e-learning, available 24/7, which ensures competence building. It also provides an interface to MCare Remote Services.’
MCare Remote Services offers quick response time and maximised uptime through a direct link to Maquet’s technicians, enabling them to start troubleshooting immediately. MCare Remote Services works through the existing network’s security tools. SERVO-i and SERVO-s ventilators are using a direct path to communicate with MCare Remote Services. No prior IT configuration is needed.
Using this solution, the firm’s experts can analyse logs from the unit and more quickly solve a problem remotely. ‘Maquet Critical Care is excited to be able to offer a solution that is environmentally friendly by cutting the need for travel,’ Dan Rydberg, Managing Director of Maquet Critical Care pointed out. ‘Not only does MCare Remote Services provide environmental benefits but it also increases the uptime for units in the hospitals, leaving medical staff to focus on its patients.’


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