ICW becomes technology partner of iSOFT Health GmbH

InterComponentWare AG (ICW) and iSOFT Health GmbH, a CSC Company, have struck up a technology partnership.

Photo: ICW becomes technology partner of iSOFT Health GmbH
Photo: ICW becomes technology partner of iSOFT Health GmbH

The first step of the partnership involved incorporating ICW's form technology into the iSOFT ClinicCentre Hospital Information System (HIS). The move will significantly increase flexibility for customers in terms of configuring and using electronic forms in hospitals.

ICW's approach to integrating electronic forms takes into account the entire workflow associated with forms, from central creation to distributed use and the structured storage of data. The ICW FormDesigner is the key component of the concept. The ICW FormDesigner allows electronic forms to be created intuitively or to be efficiently digitized based on paper templates. It also makes it easy to seamlessly re-use parts of forms in various other forms. The integrated workflow control enables flexible modelling of custom logic and business processes.

The seamless integration of the ICW FormDesigner into the ClinicCentre Hospital Information System is based on a Service Module. Modern technologies (SOA) are combined with international communication standards (e.g. HL7 V3) for the Service Module, so that the data input can be fully processed in the HIS without the need for conversion. Customers of iSOFT can therefore benefit from an efficient tool for the individual configuration of forms and data input templates. The emphasis is on ease-of-use and the consistent implementation of structured documentation based on the international standard for the seamless exchange of medical documents.


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