ESHNR 2020 Online Teaching Weeks

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ESHNR 2020 Online Teaching Weeks

ESHNR is proud to bring you 20 hours of online education in the form of on-demand webinars. For a period of 6 weeks (October 24 – December 7, 2020), registered attendees can log in and watch at their own discretion a careful selection of webinars on the most common head and neck topics.

These 20 lectures, featuring renowned speakers from all corners of Europe and beyond, are covering the most important topics in head and neck imaging. If you would like to review or update yourself on subjects such as the temporal bone, salivary glands, cranial nerves, oral cavity, jaws, tumours and much more, we invite you to register now.

During the ESHNR 2020 Online Teaching Weeks, you can:

  • make your own schedule and attend the lectures when you want
  • select the topics which are of most interest to you
  • get in touch with our faculty members

CME credits
An application has been made to the UEMS-EACCME for the CME accreditation of the ESHNR 2020 Online Teaching Weeks e-platform.

Find out more about the ESHNR 2020 Online Teaching Weeks here!

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