Dictation on the move

To increase speech processing potential for heavy dictation users, Grundig Business Systems GmbH, of Bayreuth, Germany, recently introduced its first mobile dictation recorder with colour display and Soft Touch Composite.

Photo: Dictation on the move

‘The DigtaSonic 420 has a clear, bright colour display that shows all functions as symbols, while menus are available in a choice of nine languages,’ Grundig reports. ‘The ergonomically shaped, high-quality casing features the new Soft Touch Composite finish and a smooth, rubberised coating designed for extra grip and comfort; while the familiar slide switch makes for easy, one-handed, intuitive operation.’

Grundig Business Systems supports the DSSPro voice standard, which provides not only the highest voice quality but also ensures greater security, the manufacturer adds. ‘Voice files are encrypted during the recording of a dictation and a PIN-style password safeguards sensitive recordings from unauthorised access.’

This dictation machine is geared for the power user so can be tailored accordingly. The 128 MB internal memory should allow up to 20 hours of voice recording, with extra capacity available via DigtaCard memory cards. It also can be used as a fully functional desktop USB microphone via the USB interface. As well being mains chargeable, the device can be used with batteries, which ensures even longer dictation periods when on the move.
Details: www.grundig-gbs.com


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