Pharma leaders to explore new technologies and digital innovations

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News • AUTOMA+ 2024 congress

Pharma leaders to explore new technologies and digital innovations

Digital leaders and major players of the whole value chain gather at Pharmaceutical Automation and Digitalisation Congress (AUTOMA+ 2024) to share professional opinion on trends and latest solutions for the pharma digital transformation. Following the long-standing tradition, the Congress is held in the heart of the pharmaceutical industry, Zurich, Switzerland, on 18-19 November 2024.

The Pharmaceutical Automation and Digitalisation Congress annually brings together key representatives from across the pharma industry for networking and knowledge-sharing experience. “Especially at this event, I have plenty of opportunities and time, because people are coming here for networking. And because it's a closed event, we have deeper discussions,” shared Alex Raychuk, Founder & CEO of Medentee Limited, during the Congress interview taken in 2023. 

In 2024, AUTOMA+ welcomes pharmaceutical companies, CMOs/CDMOs/CROs, API manufacturers and associations to explore innovative approaches aimed at enhancing the efficiency of industry processes. The two-day business programme includes the various types of formats to participate in: panel discussions, sessions, leaders talks, and roundtables. These formats cover 2 main directions: 

  • Digital transformation in various pharma processes (R&D, manufacturing, packaging & labelling, supply chain); 
  • Current key industry trends (patient-centricity, sustainability, AI, ChatGPT, data ecosystems, regulatory challenges, privacy, and collaborations). 

The Congress provides participants with an opportunity both to find advanced digital solutions and establish long-term partnerships. Among the confirmed delegates of the Congress are representatives from Novo Nordisk, Takeda, Novartis, TEVA, Lundbeck, Merck, Medical Information Leaders Europe, Cipla, and others. 

Learn more about AUTOMA+ 2024 by visiting the official Congress website

Source: BGS Group


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