AI-driven strategies for pharma industry at AUTOMA+ 2024

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AI-driven strategies for pharma industry at AUTOMA+ 2024

As AI is playing an increasingly crucial role in the fields of pharmacy and medicine, Pharmaceutical Automation and Digitalisation Congress (AUTOMA+ 2024) welcomes the entire industry value chain to join the roundtable discussion on the innovative strategies that are navigating the future of pharma. The Congress takes place in Zurich, Switzerland, on 18-19 November 2024.

The use of AI and Machine Learning (ML) is rapidly expanding across the pharma industry, impacting everything from early-stage drug discovery to prescribing personalised treatment options. This way, the first day of the AUTOMA+ 2024 includes the roundtable on AI and ML use cases. The closed-door session with the limited number of participants focuses on discussions between audience and speakers about benefits and challenges of AI and ML technologies, as well as implications of ChatGPT and ways of successful implementation of AI. This roundtable offers an opportunity to engage with leading experts from pharmaceutical companies, associations and service providers.

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Within the roundtable, Waheed Jowiya, Digitalisation Strategy Lead at Novo Nordisk, brings his expertise on implementation of AI and automation in clinical and regulatory document production. At Novo Nordisk, Waheed plays the key role in shaping the digitalisation strategy for the company’s workflow automation initiatives by developing the strategy for scaling and deployment of the company’s automated authoring platform. The company is also supporting the Congress as the Partner this year. 

Vice President at MILE, Michelle Bridenbaker, also joins the roundtable discussion. The topic of her presentation is dedicated to the wins and failures of AI implementation in the pharma industry. Michelle is an accomplished and success-oriented senior leader with extensive international experience operationalizing and digitally transforming many aspects of medical/scientific affairs and customer engagement across pharmaceutical & biotech companies. 

The speakers from Helbling Technik, Grünenthal GmbH, AstraZeneca and Whitespace are also going to share their professional opinion on eHealth, digital transformation with AI and ML as well as case studies in R&D, product development and medical diagnostic device enhanced by AI. 

The Pharmaceutical Automation and Digitalisation Congress 2024 also includes panels, sessions and leaders talks, where experts from pharmaceutical companies, CMOs/CDMOs/CROs, API manufacturers together with institutions and associations have the opportunity to share the insights and expand professional network for mutual growth and development. 

Be part of the conversation and learn more about AI by filling in the registration form in the official congress website

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