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Agfa HealthCare selected as approved supplier for NHS SBS

Agfa HealthCare announces that it has been selected as one of the approved suppliers in the NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Healthcare Clinical Information Systems Framework. This four-year, £1.25 billion framework - which can be extended by an additional two years - speeds up and simplifies the healthcare IT systems tender process for healthcare providers.

Framework will simplify and speed up the tender process for complex IT...
Framework will simplify and speed up the tender process for complex IT healthcare systems
Source: Agfa HealthCare

Localized competitions for systems

The new framework, which runs initially from 16 February 2015 through 15 February 2019, aims to provide Trusts and the wider public sector with a more agile and cost effective tendering process for their technology needs. NHS Providers can localize their requirements with 'mini-competitions' amongst approved suppliers, reducing the time and costs of procuring complex systems.

A total of 26 suppliers were selected, for six individual "lots" or product domains. Agfa HealthCare was selected for 5 of the "lots": Core Healthcare Clinical Information Systems, Integrated Emergency Care Systems, Theatre Systems, Maternity Systems and Electronic Prescribing Systems.

Powerful and flexible customization

For the selected suppliers, interoperability and integration of the systems was critical, as well as the ability of the Trusts to fine-tune the products and systems to their specific requirements.

"Our ORBIS* integrated clinical and urgent care suite fits perfectly into the NHS SBS framework," comments Karen Middlehurst, Enterprise Business Unit Manager for Agfa HealthCare. "It is a comprehensive, proven solution with powerful and flexible customization features, and it supports medical, diagnostic and care workflows."

The ORBIS enterprise-wide IT solution is designed to provide fast availability of patients' histories, including images and clinical and administrative data. Its modular design lets each facility implement and evolve at its own pace, without disruption. The solution facilitates communication, collaboration, shared knowledge, documentation and work allocation between all team members.

Driving improvements in patient care

"This framework is about achieving a more efficient and strategic way of procuring complex clinical systems: it reduces the procurement timescales and saves tens of thousands of pounds in the process," explains Peter Akid, NHS SBS Director of Procurement. "We have ensured that NHS providers, including specialist clinicians, lead pharmacists and doctors, have been in the driving seat when it comes to defining the specifications and evaluating system functionality, to providethe framework is right for them. The framework has brought together a combination of suppliers who are in the best position to help providers reap the benefits of clinical information systems that can drive forward improvements in delivery of patient care."

"We are very proud that the NHS SBS recognize our ability to fulfil the strict criteria for the framework. Thousands of healthcare facilities all over the world already rely on Agfa HealthCare's IT solutions. This move will make it easier for Trusts and other public bodies to experience the patient care and decision-making benefits of our proven solutions," concludes Karen Middlehurst.

* ORBIS is not available in the U.S. and Canada

Source: Agfa HealthCare



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