Agfa HealthCare and Segami Corporation sign agreement

Agfa HealthCare, a leading provider of diagnostic imaging and healthcare IT solutions, announced that it has signed an agreement with Segami Corporation to integrate the Oasis workstation software into the Agfa HealthCare's 6th generation Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) known as IMPAX 6. The solution permits nuclear medicine physicians to review, process and report studies using advanced processing software on their IMPAX workstation.

Photo: Agfa HealthCare and Segami Corporation sign agreement

The introduction of Segami's Oasis software will provide nuclear physicians with a uniform reading and processing environment for all their planar nuclear medicine, SPECT and PET studies and deliver a full spectrum of clinical nuclear medicine and multi-modality applications. Advanced processing and reconstruction, multi-modality viewing and reporting integrated into the IMPAX client's workflow will deliver a unified working approach throughout the nuclear medicine department. This solution will deliver a substantial improvement in workflow, increase user convenience and improve reporting efficiency. A single sign on and individual user profile are automatically applied at any IMPAX workstation across all integrated applications, delivering workflow and functionality tailored to each users needs.
Oasis is a vendor neutral application for gamma cameras and PET scanners from different vendors and adheres to standards such as DICOM, IHE and HL7 for a consistent and predictable workflow. Oasis is built using the latest technologies, providing a consistent user experience on a stable and high performance platform.

"Adding nuclear medicine functionality to the PACS environment significantly improves the clinical workflow, especially in multi-modality studies such as PET/CT and SPECT/CT", states Simon DeBruin, Marketing Manager for Segami Corporation. "The alliance with Agfa HealthCare allows us to further grow the user base of our innovative and efficient software solutions."

"The seamless integration of Oasis into Agfa HealthCare's sixth generation PACS is an important step in streamlining patient care in the nuclear medicine department, by providing a single, comprehensive solution that automates clinical workflow. The integration with IMPAX will also facilitate the communication between nuclear medicine specialists and other departments and clinicians, by making the relevant information available throughout the enterprise.", states Georgios Spitadakis, Global Business Manager for Imaging Informatics at Agfa HealthCare.


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