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Key success factors for hospital management


Stefan Furtmüller MBA has been Project Manager for advisory services focused on strategy, organisation and performance management with an industry focus on non-profit and public management since 2007. He lectures at the Vienna University of Economics and Business in the MBA programmes for healthcare and social management, and at the Austrian Controller Institute and other organisations. His further professional experience is with Booz-Allen & Hamilton, BASF and the Austrian Federation of Industry.
He will present and discuss a comprehensive survey on the management of Austrian hospital groups conducted in 2008 by the Austrian Controller-Institute and Contrast Management-Consulting.
‘The survey comprises strategic issues from the point of view of the top-management, as well as an analysis of the stage of development of tools and techniques in strategic management, management control, process and quality management. The general conditions for hospital management are not easy (too many stakeholders and interest groups, different finance systems, etc.),’ he explains. ‘Newly developed business tools and methods can help here. Some hospital groups make good use of these approaches (at least in some areas) and for most organisations there is still quite a lot of room for further improvement. Confessional hospital groups (held by religious societies) have already taken more steps to update their obsolete structures than public groups (held by provinces).
‘The contents of the survey contain relevant information for Austrian as well as international health professionals, as they show possibilities for improvement which are true for many organisations in different countries.’


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