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Digital Mammography • VILLA SISTEMI MEDICALI s.p.a.

Villa Sistemi Medicali · Melody IIID 3.0

Pixel size: 85 μm
Detector size: 24 x 30 cm
Detector type: a-Se or a-Si


  • High performance X-ray generator with wide kV range (20 – 49 kV)
  • Isocentric ±180° rotating C-arm with vertical and rotation motorized movements
  • Dual AEC: PRE in function of effective Breast Density and FAST in function of compressed breast thickness
  • Ready for optional stereotactic biopsy
  • Full DICOM Acquisition workstation on-board or in a separated unit
  • Upgradable to TS version with tomo
  • Ready to be implemented with Dual Energy work modality
  • Optional diagnostic workstation available with CAD software


Via delle Azalee, 3
20090 Buccinasco (MI)

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