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Surgical Flat Panel C-Arms • VILLA SISTEMI MEDICALI s.p.a.

Villa Sistemi Medicali · Arcovis DRF-C R30

Power: 5 kW
Detector: Amorphous Silicon
Pixel size: 200 µm


Arcovis DRF-C R30

  • Mobile C-arm system with 30x30 cm Flat Panel Detector and rotating anode
  • 5 kW Generator power
  • Compact, lightweight design for easy movements
  • Amorphous Silicon detector, 30x30 cm FPD (21x21cm available)
  • Removable anti-scatter grid reducing paediatric exam doses
  • Dual laser localizer on monobloc and FPD for fast/precise positioning*
  • Wired adjustable view station, 27’’ monitor*
  • Wireless adjustable view station, 24’’ monitor*
  • Active Cooling for reliable long-term operations*
  • NFC technology for fast login and unit setup* 



Via delle Azalee, 3
20090 Buccinasco (MI)

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