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Vacuette® Visio Plus Needle

Bringing vision to blood collection

The Vacuette® Visio Plus Needle with optical venipuncture control can make an important contribution to simplifying blood collection routine for phlebotomists.

The needle has a translucent plastic hub, which functions as a view window.

If venipuncture is successful, the view window is coloured red due to the blood flow.

The Vacuette® Visio Plus Needle guarantees a safe blood collection procedure for the patient, whilst at the same time ensuring best possible comfort. Optical venipuncture control via the view window makes it much easier to find the vein lumen.

Re-positioning in the vein which may cause patient discomfort, can be avoided with the Vacuette® Visio Plus venipuncture aid.

Perfected grinding technology allows for sharp needle tip and optimal tissue penetration.

To be able to differentiate from the Vacuette® standard needles, the Vacuette® Visio Plus blood collection needles have transparent needle containers. 

Vacuette® Visio Plus – the Greiner Bio-One innovation.

Vacuette® Quickshield Complete Plus

Source: Greiner Bio-One

Simply Practical.

The Vacuette® Quickshield Safety Tube Holder is especially suitable for routine blood collection. This product can provide the user with the simplest handling and reliable infection protection with no change to usual collection technique.

The pre-assembled product, Vacuette® Visio Plus Needle with Vacuette® Quickshield Safety Tube Holder, has the advantage of the following features: 

  • The holder comes with pre-attached needle, sterile and single-packed.
  • Rotational shield: Re-position the shield for the best possible position during blood collection.
  • Transparent view window for optical venipuncture control.
  • It is not necessary to thread in the needle.
  • A practical, ready-to-use solution that saves time.
  • Handling is optimized.

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