blood donation with red cross in lebanon
Blood collection in Beirut, Lebanon

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Supporting blood donor service in Lebanon

Greiner Bio-One is supporting a Swiss Red Cross (SRK) project to modernise the blood donor service and the provision of safe blood supplies for Syrian refugees and the wider public in Lebanon.

Greiner Bio-One has been a project partner of the Swiss Red Cross since May 2019. Due to its extensive and long-term experience, SRK is in a strong position to provide support to several countries in establishing a professional blood donor service. One of these countries is Lebanon. In addition to promoting quality assurance in the blood donor service, the goal of the Swiss Red Cross is to increase the stock of blood through regular donations.

If somebody needs my blood, I’m there for them

Said Mrad

In some regions of the world, people often only donate blood for family members so there is therefore not enough available or it needs to be paid for. There is a need to raise awareness here and encourage people to donate blood for others outside their own families. “If somebody needs my blood, I’m there for them,” says Said Mrad, a voluntary Lebanese blood donor. The 26-year-old is giving blood for the fourth time. Thanks to the work of the SRK in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross, he now sees it as completely natural to give his blood for other people. 

A professional blood donor service not only needs donors but it also needs suitable products and expert knowledge to ensure high quality standards, maximum safety and wide coverage for this vital service. The SRK’s international experience helps the Lebanese Red Cross a great deal as it establishes this valuable service. Greiner Bio-One is supporting this project through its financial contribution, its products and its expertise.

Source: Greiner Bio-One (GBO)


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