The MiniCollect Complete is a simple but effective addition that offers many new advantages in analysis.
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Greiner MiniCollect Complete

MiniCollect weds carrier tube

Since autumn 2016 a small tube has been making daily life easier for users and patients. A simple but effective addition now offers many new advantages in analysis, the manufacturer reports.

Following the successful launch of MiniCollect, a new capillary blood collection system, Greiner Bio-One has launched the tube MiniCollect Complete to simplify the analysis process. For centrifugation, MiniCollect tubes can be threaded into a Premium carrier tube using a simple rotational movement, the Austrian manufacturer Greiner Bio-One reports. ‘In the Complete version, the MiniCollect tube is already irreversibly assembled in the carrier tube. This brings many advantages for sample analysis in instruments.’

When combined, the dimensions correspond to a standard 13 x 75 mm tube format, the firm adds. ‘This allows the tube to be placed directly into a standard centrifuge adapter. Previously, it was necessary to adjust the settings on the analysis device, because the tube format was different for venous and capillary blood samples. The combined tube means that both capillary and venous blood samples can now be analysed in the same way, without complex modification of the device. ‘Another advantage is that the carrier tubes can be identified using standard label formats. MiniCollect Complete are primary tubes. Both blood collection and subsequent analyses can be carried out using the same tube. It is not necessary to transfer the sample material to a secondary tube for analysis.’

The tube also has a new cap. ‘The membrane can be pierced by a cap-piercing analysis needle while the cap is closed, before automatically resealing after the needle is removed,’ Greiner adds. ‘The caps are completely sealed, meet the highest standards and can be sent via pneumatic post with confidence, and without losing any sample material.’

Combined filling volume and integrated blood collection scoop

Combined filling volumes for the EDTA and serum tubes make the preparation of samples more straightforward, the firm points out. ‘Two easily visible filling marks on the tube provide greater flexibility for use. It’s no longer necessary to decide on a certain volume in advance, which reduces logistical efforts.’ The blood collection scoop integrated into the wide tube opening enables the drop of blood to be transferred to the MiniCollect primary tube quickly and easily, minimising adhesion. ‘The sample immediately comes into contact with the additive inside the tube.’

No to unnecessary agitation

The sight of a puncture needle often causes anxiety in children. ‘One of the main advantages for our young patients is that the safety mechanism of the MiniCollect safety lancets means that no needle is visible at any point before or after the puncture. This makes the situation more relaxing for all involved,’ explains Petra Langmayr, former paediatric nurse and product specialist at Greiner Bio-One. After the puncture, the needle retracts automatically and is safely enclosed within the plastic casing. The risk of needlestick injuries is prevented.

* Product availability depends on country-specific registrations.


Source: Greiner Bio-One


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