Cardiology at the Crossroads

This May the Brussels-based Crossroads Institute for Cardiac and Vascular Medical Education launched two new educational courses on the prevention of amputation (peripheral vascular disease) and on improving the treatment of women with cardiovascular disease.

Photo: Cardiology at the Crossroads

These complement the Institute’s extensive portfolio of ‘hands-on’ training for interventional cardiologists, nurses and pharmacists. Over 50 of the Institute’s courses are CME-accredited. ‘To date, more than 14,000 physicians have participated,’ said Prof. Jean Marco MD, course director for the Crossroads Institute.
Virtual simulators and a virtual
in-house catheterisation lab enable physicians to practice the latest in cardiac and vascular therapies. Live case broadcasts from hospitals across Europe demonstrate real-time catheterisation lab events.
Programmes offered include the latest stenting techniques (e.g. bio-absorbable stents); revascularisation strategy in diabetics; stenting high risk patients; prevention and management of PCI complications.
The Institute and its education programmes are sponsored by Abbott Vascular, but course content is decided by an independent steering committee.
Languages: Mostly English, but other EU language-courses are available.


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