Accessing and manipulating patient data

The Digital Lightbox

Combining the advantages of a traditional hospital light box with the features of computer workstations, BrainLAB has produced the Digital Lightbox - which is certainly unlike the usual light box.

Photo: Accessing and manipulating patient data

The Digital Lightbox integrates with a hospital’s Picture Archive and Communications System (PACS) enabling physicians working in almost any location to access MRI, CT, PET and X-ray images. The device also provides a wide range of DICOM viewing functions and advanced functionality, such as automatic image fusion in combination with an intuitive touch screen, making image navigation and modification easy, the manufacturer points out. ‘Digital Lightbox transforms traditional static images into detailed and dynamic views with its multimodality image and data system, allowing users to extract more value from data.’
The wall-mounted multi-touch controlled device not only connects to PACS servers but also the BrainLAB treatment planning system iPlan Net, for fast image and treatment plan review. ‘Treatment plans for surgery and radiation therapy can easily be accessed, altered or confirmed for treatment,’ the firm points out. ‘Data can be retrieved in multiple formats including DICOM, jpg, bmp, tif, png, avi, wmv and BrainLAB proprietary image formats.’
* FDA clearance pending. This product will be available shortly.


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