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Promega · Maxwell CSC 48 Instrument

Dimensions: 533.4 × 355.6 × 533.4 mm (w × h × d)

Weight: 27 kg

Sample throughput: up to 48 samples /25 – 75 minutes

Assays: Blood, FFPE, buffy coat, bone marrow, buccal swabs, urine etc. (CE-IVD) or stool, tissue, food, and many more (RUO) 

Highlights: Automated nucleic acid extraction – IVDR-compliant 

  • Extraction of high-quality nucleic acid with minimal hands-on time 
  • Processes different sample types for downstream applications in molecular diagnostics 
  • Paramagnetic particle use = no cross-contaminations
  • Integrated vision system for error prevention
  • Reliable sample tracking with integrated barcode reader
  • Dual-mode software for both molecular diagnostics (IVD-mode) and research applications (RUO-mode)
  • Designed and manufactured under cGMP 

Promega GmbH

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69190 Walldorf

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