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Welcome to Vienna! This year's ECR features the motto 'The Cycle of Life' – in our exclusive interview, Congress President Professor Adrian Brady explains the meaning behind the metaphor and gives an insight into the highlights of the programme. We also take a look at some of the most exciting new research and applications in radiology, from AI-assisted disease assessment to interventions in space. Enjoy reading – and be sure to visit our ECR booth (at G03 in the Expo Gallery)!

Interview • Interview with President Adrian Brady

ECR 2023: Going back to normal – with a few twists

ECR 2023 returns to its traditional date in March, but delegates can expect novelties with sessions touching not just cutting-edge science, but also archaeology and palaeontology, and putting trainees in the spotlight, Congress President Professor ...

Sponsored • Radiology equipment

Latest technology meets solid technology

In radiology, it is important to place patients safely and precisely. This works with the "GetUp®" holding system from Febromed.

Article • Interventional toolkit for use in space travel

Radiologists shoot for the stars, aim for the Earth

French radiologists received prizes for the best interventional radiology toolkit for use in space travel at the JFR 2022, the annual meeting of the French Society of Radiology (SFR).

Article • Imaging advances

Liver disease assessment: AI may give CT the edge over MRI

To assess diffuse liver disease, MRI is currently the modality of choice. New developments in artificial intelligence (AI) could tip the scales in favour of CT imaging. At ECR 2022 in July, experts showed how AI technology enables CT to quantify ...

Article • Mammography supplement

Breast MRI screening for women with high-risk lesions – is it necessary?

Women with high-risk breast lesions (HRLs) and no family history of breast cancer or BRCA mutations are generally considered to be at moderate risk of developing breast cancer. Breast cancer screening guidelines suggest breast MRI be considered as a ...

Article • Stepping outside of healthcare to help the planet

Radiologists as champions for health equity

Climate change will impact health and complicate access to care for the most vulnerable, but radiologists can do more than just sticking to their jobs. They should step outside the confines of their specialty and promote health and wellbeing in ...

Article • Good-bye “surgery first”

Interventional radiology: out of the shadow and into the light

Using imaging guidance, interventional radiology – a sub-discipline of diagnostic imaging – allows targeted and ultraprecise diagnostic and therapeutic procedures without anesthesia and without large incisions. Nevertheless, surgery continues to ...

News • Ultrahigh field strength

14 Tesla: Researchers to build world's strongest MRI scanner

The world's first MRI scanner with a magnetic field strength of 14 Tesla will be built in Nijmegen. Its high sensitivity will allow scientists to image the brain in more detail.

Product news

Medical display

JVC – CL-S1200

Patient-centric Vendor Neutral Archive

Fujifilm – Synapse VNA


Radiology equipment guide

RADBook 2023: Get your personal copy!

Our RADBook gives an overview about innovative diagnostic imaging systems for radiologists, cardiologists and managing directors of hospitals in Europe. The print guide is also available as an epaper. Click here to receive your personal copy.

Article • Information & insights

EUROPEAN HOSPITAL 1/2024 is out!

The latest issue of EUROPEAN HOSPITAL is here! We report on new treatment options for mental health conditions, advanced testing for head and neck cancers, and cover the highlights of the upcoming ECR 2024. Click here to read the ePaper.

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