Underage Alcohol Poisoning Increases In UK

Apparently, 20 children are diagnosed each day in the UK with alcohol poisoning.

According to a BBC Panorama programme, during the last five years the number of under-eighteens admitted to hospital for alcohol poisoning has gone up by 20%.
According to an Ambulance operative it is not uncommon to come across children who have downed a whole litre of vodka. Many in the National Health Service (NHS) say resources which should be used for treating other patients are being eaten up dealing with drunken children.

Scientific research in the United States suggests that young people who abuse alcohol risk long term damage to the brain and could face a life of ill health and addiction.

For the current government´s harm reduction strategy is obviosly not working, some medical professionals ask for increasing costs for alcohol to reduce the numer of underage drinkers.


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