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Mass Spectrometry • Biomaneo

Biomaneo · NeoSickle solution

Sample throughput: 200 samples/h

Number of parallel samples: 96 samples/h

Highlights: NeoSickle solution for screening of haemoglobinopathies including:

  • Two Kits: NS540/NS96 

Suitable for analysis by MALDI-MS 8020 high-throughput analysis: 1000 samples/day Reliability, usability, fast and quality

  • Neoplate: traceability, security of transport of DBS punches

Neoscreening automated, accurate data interpretation software:

  • eNeoSickle module: for MALDI-8020 data (Haemoglobinopathies)
  • NeoAMAC module: for LC-MS/MS data (Metabolic diseases)


22B Boulevard Winston Churchill
21000 Dijon

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