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Ultrasound • Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.

Canon · Aplio i800 Prism Edition

Frequency range: 1 –33 MHz
Display mode: 2D / 3D / 4D
Display size: 23"


  • Intelligent Dynamic Micro Slice, iBeam, Precision Imaging, ApliPure+, Differential THI, TSO, ADF, Intelli gent Superb Micro Vascular Imaging, Ultra High Frequency
  • CEUS; Advanced CEUS incl. VRI, MicroFlow imaging,Quad View
  • 4D (surface, MPR, MultiView, Luminance, Shadow Glass)
  • FlyThru virtual endoscopy, Smart Fusion, Strain and Quad View Shearwave elastography Dispersion Imaging, Attenuation Imaging,
  • MicroPure, Auto IMT, RADS, prostate fusion, breast scan guide

Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V.

Zilverstraat 1
2718 RP Zoetermeer

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