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DR Detectors • Agfa

Agfa · Dura-line XD/XD+ detector series

Size: 10“/14“/17“
Detector type: Csl
Pixel size: 124 μm/140 μm/140 μm


  • Available in 3 sizes: 10”, 14” and 17”
  • Cesium Iodide scintillator
  • Wireless, high-resolution, full field AED detectors that work with virtually any conventional or mobile X-ray equipment
  • 3 Wi-Fi antennas to provide fast and reliable communication
  • Cesium Iodide scintillator that delivers optimum image quality and potential dose reduction
  • Choice of one battery (7.5 hours of operation) or two (maximum 15 hours of operation)
  • A robust design that enables 1-metre drop height, and operation at temperatures of 0–40 °C
  • WPA2-PSK cybersecurity to protect patient data


Septestraat 27
2640 Mortsel

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