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Del Medical

Del Medical – FMT18T

Power: 32/ 40/ 50/ 65/ 80 kW
Detector type: GOS/ Csl
Pixel size: 140/ 148 µm


  • Easily positioned floor mounted tube stand for efficient workflow 
  • Vertical tracking to table and wall stand 
  • 10.4-inch tube mounted touchscreen console for generator control, detector selection, SID and tube angle display 
  • Ergonomic tube handle with all-lock release optical sensor 
  • Elevating table with four-way float, table-top mounted controls and 363 kg patient weight limit 
  • Premium wallstand 
  • Optional rotating DR tray for 35×43 cm wireless flat panel detector

Del Medical

28 Calvert Street
10528 Harrison, New York

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