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Nexus/Chili · PACS


  • Makes multimedia viewing possible regardless of platform and device 
  • One viewer for all areas  
  • Scalable (practice to enterprise)  
  • Multitenancy  
  • Fail over and load balancing  
  • Archiving in existing systems  
  • Interfaces and synchronisation with HIS / RIS  
  • Supports multiple IHE workflows 
  • Referring physician access  
  • Teleconferencing  
  • Consultation  
  • Enables deep integration of AI providers 
  • Provides a basis for bidirectional networking via CHILI's own portals 
  • Improves IT security by own access gateway in DMZ 

Nexus/Chili GmbH

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 2
69221 Dossenheim / Heidelberg

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