Cone Beam CT • Cefla s.c.

Cefla · NewTom 7G

FOV: 4 × 4 cm – 29 × 56 cm
Scan time: 7.2 – 26.0 s
Pixel size: 90 – 500 μm


NewTom 7G is the most advanced CBCT device on the market, applying Cone Beam technology to all areas of the body, including spine, shoulder and hip. The 7G adapts FOVs and X-ray doses to the patient’s build, and generates images with a resolution of up to 90 μm. Developed to acquire bilateral hip images, it captures a 40 x 17cm horizontally extended FOV, enabling comparative assessment via reconstruction into a single volume. 

Cefla s.c.

Via Selice Provinciale 23a
40026 Imola (BO)

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