Cone Beam CT • Cefla s.c.

Cefla · NewTom VGi evo

FOV: 5 × 5 cm – 24 × 19 cm
Scan time: 15 s
Pixel size: 100 μm


VGi evo ensures a broad range of FOVs for acquisitions up to 24 × 19 cm. Volumetric, panoramic and teleradiographic exams as well as dynamic X-rays are available. Excellent image quality with very low radiated doses safeguards the patient’s health. A single scan generates HiRes images of airways, both TMJs, maxillary and nasal sinuses. Clear, precise scans reveal greater details of both the internal ear and the petrous bone, making VGi evo an ideal choice for otorhinolaryngology investigations. 

Cefla s.c.

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