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52nd International Specialized Exhibition

BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL is one of the most significant event in human and dental medicine in the region of Southeast Europe. For half a century the international BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL exhibition proved itself as an extremely important event for professionals in dental and medical sector.

In the course of 51 years BULMEDICA/BULDENTAL has made history and provides opportunities for businesses to make fruitful business contacts, to obtain information about the new technologies and services in the field of medicine and to get acquainted with the market trends..The exhibition is traditionally organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Health in Bulgaria with the support of professional organizations, such as Bulgarian Medical  Association, Bulgarian Dental Association, Bulgarian Dental Technician Union, Association of Dental Dealers in Bulgaria and Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union.


Highlights of BULDEDICA/BULDENTAL 2017:

·         200+ companies direct exhibitors

·         Participation of Bulgarian manufacturers of medical and dental technics, equipment, materials and supplies

·         Foreign exhibitors from Italy, France, Russia, Singapore, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Lithuania, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Slovenia, Hungary

·         50+ companies new exhibitors

·         850+ brands from more than 50 countries

·         240+ novelties from the field of medicine and dental medicine

·         Business guide TODAY, distributed in 10,000 copies with all the novelties from BULDEDICA/BULDENTAL

The side-events program with many interesting events, trainings and demonstrations, contributes the influence of the exhibition to the quality of healthcare in the country as well as to the introduction of the world innovations from the branch in Bulgaria.


BULMEDICA: medical technics, hospital equipment and furniture, laboratory equipment, orthopaedy and rehabilitation, ophthalmology and pharmacy

BULDENTAL: dental equipment, furnishing and technics for clinics, materials and consumables, sterilization, disinfection and specialised clothing


BULMEDICA / BULDENTAL exhibition is extremely useful for a wide range of doctors and dental specialists, laboratory assistants, rehabilitation therapists, managers of health centers, experts, ophthalmologists, producers and dealers of medical and dental equipment, furnishing and consumables.

More Information:

16 - 18.05. 2018

Inter Expo Center

Sofia, Bulgaria


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