HORIBA Medical

HORIBA Medical –Yumizen H2500 and Yumizen H1500

Dimensions: 840 × 730 × 650 mm (w × h × d)

Weight: 112kg

Sample throughput: 120 tests / h

Power consumption: 100 v / 50 hz to 240 v / 60 hz

HORIBA Medical has developed two new hematology systems combining both innovative and recognized technologies: the Yumizen H1500 and the Yumizen H2500. With a genuine throughput of 120 tests per hour for CBC-DIFF & NRBC including differential and nucleated RBCs, the Yumizen H2500 and Yumizen H1500 are able to absorb the workflow of laboratories with high activity. This solution includes our newest middleware, the Yumizen P8000, which allows laboratories to centralize data management.

HORIBA Medical

Parc Euromédecine
34184 Montpellier

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