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Singuway – Nucleic Acid Detection Kit (PCR Fluorescence Probe)

Detecting: ORF1ab, N gene, E gene, Inner Control

Sample Type: Oral swab/Nasal swab

Storage: -20°C

Reaction Volume: Volume: 30μl

Sensitivity: 200 copies/ml


Maxmize your testing capacity with Super Fast PCR Kit 

3 times more efficient than regular kits


Fast: Complete all steps within 30 minutes by Singu9600 Pro

Accurate: Detecting multi-target

Specific: Strong ability of anti-interference

Strong compatibility: Suitable for a variety of fluorescence PCR  instruments

Applicable instruments: PCR machines with at least 4 fluorescent channels

Items: 1x PCR Buffer, 1x Polyase Mix, 1x Positive Control, 1x Negativ Control

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