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Molzym – SelectNAplus

Dimensions: 650 × 600 × 690 mm (w × h × d)

Weight: 60 kg

Sample througput: flexible: 1 to 12 samples / run 


SelectNAplus is Molzym’s unique bench top instrument for the automated enrichment and isolation of bacterial & fungal DNA from complex specimens.

  • Walk-away pathogen DNA isolation
  • Human DNA depletion (MolYsis technology) for enhanced sensitivity
  • For body fluids, tissue biopsies and swabs
  • DNA-free consumables & reagents

Extracted DNA is suitable for all downstream applica-tions such as NGS-based Microbiome and Metagenome sequencing, PCR and Real-Time PCR. For clinical routine diagnostics Molzym offers a CE IVD marked kit includ-ing the broad-range detection of bacteria and fungi. 

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Molzym – SelectNAplus


Molzym – SelectNAplus

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