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After its online-only Overture in March, the European Congress of Radiology returns to Vienna with a sophisticated scientific programme, special events, and imaging industry exhibition. We spoke with congress president Prof Regina Beets-Tan about the new, more multidisciplinary direction of ECR. Furthermore, we take a look at exciting practical applications in radiology. 

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Article • Radiology congress preview

Beets-Tan to shake things up at ECR 2022

After two online meetings and a teaser last March, the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) is coming home to Austria in July 13-17. We spoke with congress president Regina Beets-Tan about how radiologists must build bridges to go forward.

Article • Predicting the future of imaging

What will ultrasound practice look like in 2030?

Rapid technical advances in ultrasound and increasingly tight healthcare budgets call for a change in ultrasound practice, experts explained in a session at the ECR in Vienna. Two experts presented possible models for the next two decades.


Article • Diversity, transparency, flexibility

Building trustworthy AI systems for cancer imaging

Building artificial intelligence (AI) tools that clinicians and patients can trust, and easily use and understand, are core to the technology being successfully deployed in healthcare settings.

Sponsored • Technology advances

AI-based diagnosis: New evidence for efficiency gains and better diagnostic accuracy

AI-based diagnosis is undoubtedly one of the most promising subjects when we talk about the future of radiology. Now, a couple of new studies indicate that most radiologists are open to using the technology and this for good reasons.

Article • Multiparametric ultrasound

Experts assess usefulness of MPUS in the diagnostic conundrum

Multiparametric ultrasound (MPUS) has proven its value in the abdomen – now, the technique is increasingly moving towards peripheral areas such as breast and testis imaging, experts showed in a dedicated session at ECR 2022.

Article • Modified radiography technique

Dark-field X-ray casts new light on lungs

Dark-field radiography uses a part of X-rays that has hardly been considered so far to expand the spectrum of diagnostic imaging. At the ECR Overture, Theresa Urban presented the new method.

Article • Breast cancer

The case for contrast-enhanced mammography

Contrast-enhanced mammography (CEM) has gone a long way since it was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011. An Italian expert explained how useful the modality has become in breast imaging in a dedicated course at ECR 2022.

Article • Ovarian cancer and endometriosis detection

Women’s health imaging: PET/CT and T2*w MR show promise

Diagnostic imaging in women’s health advances: PET/CT might provide a more accurate imaging alternative to CT in ovarian cancer. T2*-weighted MR imaging in deep endometriosis detection also shows promise, but ultimately falls flat.

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