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Healthcare is taking a deeper dive – in more than just one way: Complex mathematical models could predict cancer therapy efficiency before treatment has even started. On a more physical level, robotics experts designed a miniature vehicle to enter a patient’s gastrointestinal tract to perform small-scale procedures. And: is NFT technology just a hype or could healthcare actually benefit? Enjoy browsing!

Article • Endoculus

Robotic ‘mini-tank’ to enhance colonoscopy techniques

A miniature colonoscopy robot on tank-like treads, which carries a camera and uses other small surgical tools, could have clear benefits for both patients and endoscopists.

News • Calculating cancer

Virtual patient ‘surrogates’ to personalise cancer treatments

Mathematical models used as patient surrogates could help clinicians select the best cancer treatment before going to the patient’s bedside.

Sponsored • Liquid handling

Revolutionising Molecular Diagnostics With PurePrep TTR

With micro-organisms and viruses constantly developing, mutating, and evolving, diagnostics must adapt just as rapidly. Advanced laboratory technology and instruments are undeniably a prerequisite for best practice in life sciences and biotechnology.

News • Nonfungible tokens

Can NFT technology benefit healthcare?

NFTs, or nonfungible tokens, first made a splash in the art world as a platform to buy and sell digital art backed by a digital contract. But could NFT be useful in other markets such as healthcare?

Sponsored • Radiology equipment

Latest technology meets solid technology

In radiology, it is important to place patients safely and precisely. This works with the "GetUp®" holding system from Febromed.

News • Alternative to injection

Inhaled vaccine delivers broad protection against SARS-CoV-2

Scientists have confirmed that an inhaled form of COVID vaccine can provide broad, long-lasting protection against the original strain of SARS-CoV-2 and variants of concern.

Sponsored • Orthopaedics

Periprosthetic joint infection: a complex issue

Periprosthetic joint infection (PJI) can be an enormous challenge for orthopaedists and trauma surgeons. Antibiotic-loaded bone cement is an important element in a prevention strategy.

Product news

Chemistry & immunochemistry

Fujifilm Wako – Autokit CH50 Assay

Chemistry & immunochemistry

Fujifilm Wako – Hyaluronic Acid LT Assay


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