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Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for healthcare institutions and manufacturers of medical supplies and devices. However, reducing the carbon footprint is a complex endeavour, and not all aspects are readily apparent, as shown in a dedicated session at ECR. We also take a look at new AI-based tools and their disruptive potential for healthcare, from chatbots in oncology to AI image generators in radiology. Enjoy reading!

Article • Plenary discussion at ECR 2023

Sustainable radiology: why it takes more than “greener” imaging systems

It’s clear that radiology is lacking in the “green” department: healthcare still causes a large share of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, not least due to diagnostic imaging. Dr Sarah Sheard from Imperial College Healthcare, UK, invited ...

News • Deep learning text-to-image

Can AI image generator DALL-E 2 advance radiology?

A new paper describes how generative AI text-to-image models such as DALL-E 2 could represent a promising future tool for image generation, augmentation, and manipulation in health care.

News • Health literacy

ChatGPT gives surprisingly solid breast cancer screening advice, but...

As ChatGPT becomes more popular among those seeking health advice, researchers try to find out whether the information provided by the AI chatbot is reliable and accurate.

News • Radiotherapy trial

Prostate cancer: radical approach greatly reduces treatment visits

A new clinical trial has shown that men diagnosed with prostate cancer can benefit from ‘radical radiotherapy’ that delivers treatment in five hospital visits instead of the typical 20.

News • Digital research enrolment

First Dutch eConsent trial to facilitate patient participation

A Dutch trial for Covid-19 drug research will be the country's first to enable patients to digitally consent to their participation. It is hoped that this will reduce delays in trial enrolment.

News • Global warming effects

UK hospitals report surgery cancellations due to 2022 heatwave

The 2022 summer heatwave resulted in a fifth of UK hospitals being forced to cancel operations during the three days when temperatures soared, a new study reveals.

News • Hypertension and the brain

Study links high blood pressure to memory loss and dementia

A new study led by the University of Edinburgh has identfied areas of the brain susceptible to damage from high blood pressure, affecting memory loss, thinking skills and dementia.

News • SWIR for intraoperative tumor delineation

Combining machine learning with multispectral infrared imaging to guide cancer surgery

A UK research team has developed a new technique that combines machine learning with short-wave infrared (SWIR) fluorescence imaging to detect precise boundaries of tumors.

News • Medical engineering

‘Smart' bandages monitor wounds and provide targeted treatment

A new kind of smart bandage developed at Caltech may make treatment of chronic wounds - for example caused by diabetes - easier, more effective, and less expensive.


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