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Clinical routine would be inconceivable without magnetic resonance imaging. Recent advances allowed researchers for the first time to visualize brain inflammation in vivo and detect abnormalities in the lungs of both hospitalized and non-hospitalized corona patients. Speaking of corona: during the pandemic, the number of people dying at home or in the community from heart conditions increased.

Interview • Scanner manipulation prevention

Protecting medical imaging devices from cyberattack

Medical imaging and radiotherapy treatment devices are essential lifesaving technologies. In an era when hospital information systems are increasingly being attacked by cybercriminals, just how protected and safe is this equipment?

Article • Diabetology 4.0

Emerging technologies for diabetes care

This overview introduces connected and continuous glucose sensing technologies, smart insulin delivery systems and more innovations that help patients and doctors monitor and manage glucose levels and guide decision-making in diabetes care.

News • In vivo

Magnetic resonance imaging shows brain inflammation

Researchers visualize brain inflammation using diffusion-weighted MRI. This detailed "X-ray" of inflammation cannot be obtained with conventional MRI, but requires data acquisition sequences and special mathematical models.

News • Non-hospitalized patients

Long COVID: Xenon MRI finds lung abnormalities

A special type of MRI found lung abnormalities in patients who had previously had COVID-19, even those who had not been hospitalized with the illness.

News • Cardiac care

Cardiac disease expected to worsen post corona pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has caused “global collateral damage” by disrupting cardiac services . Across the world problems with heart health will “...continue to accrue unless mitigation strategies are speedily implemented”.

News • Smart device

Dissolving pacemaker communicates with body-area sensor

Wireless bioresorbable pacemaker bypasses need to extract non-biodegradable leads, eliminating additional risk to the patient.

News • Lung cancer

A novel AI for digital pathology analysis

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine have developed a novel artificial intelligence algorithm to assess digital pathology data.


Article • Research, diagnostics, therapy

Laboratory medicine in focus

Article • Focus on radiology

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)


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