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After two years of pandemic pause, scientific congresses are slowly returning to their previous onsite or hybrid formats. However, the influence of the coronavirus is still unmistakably present: The ECR covered the increasing role of teleradiology and Covid-19 diagnostics, but also picked up on more long-standing debates, such as the use of gadolinium-based contrast agents. Enjoy reading!

Article • Controversial compound

Seeking alternatives to gadolinium-based contrast agents

Researchers are seeking alternatives to gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) to help raise levels of patient safety. An open hybrid session at ECR in Vienna heard how research across several centres has been examining the options of new ...

Article • Take on teleradiology

Working from home as a radiologist: pros and cons

Leading radiologists have debated whether working from home is a blessing or a curse amid the evolving impact of teleradiology. In a hybrid ECR session examining working from home in radiology, speakers discussed their own experiences.

Article • MEDIRAD project

Increasing the protection from medical radiation

A Europe-wide project aims to improve medical radiation protection for patients and staff by better understanding and evaluating the health effects of exposure to low-dose ionising radiation resulting from diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

News • Sebum analysis

Are skin swabs the future of Covid-19 testing?

Skin swabs are "surprisingly effective" at identifying Covid-19 infection, according to new research, offering a route to a non-invasive future for Covid-19 testing.

News • Fracture diagnosis support

AI software to help identify bone trauma at the point of care

Fujifilm partners with Gleamer to integrate an AI software called BoneView into its X-ray imaging systems to assist radiologists and emergency clinicians in the diagnosis of skeletal fractures.

News • Determining aggressiveness

New discovery improves prostate cancer prognosis

Researchers in Sweden have now discovered a faster and easier way to determine who has an aggressive form of prostate cancer, and who has not.


Article • "Building bridges"

European Congress of Radiology 2022

Article • Diagnostic imaging

Contrast agents: useful, but controversial


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