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It’s that time again: Our top 10 of the most-read articles reveals that Covid-19 still dominates discussions and headlines, even in its second year. However, with the advent of working vaccines in 2021, focus has notably shifted from mere detection of the disease to more curative measures – an important step. Also, important healthcare issues that were overshadowed by the pandemic slowly regain traction, such as addressing gender inequality in healthcare and new applications for AI. 

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News • Expert debate on coronavirus protection

Covid-19: The pros and cons of wearing masks outdoors

Should outdoor face covering be normalised to reduce transmission of SARS-CoV-2—or should anti-Covid efforts rather focus on indoor protection? Experts argue the case for both sides in this controversial debate.

News • Immune response or breast cancer?

Swollen lymph nodes after Covid-19 vaccination: what women should know

For many women, swollen lymph nodes are a red flag pointing to breast cancer – but may also be a normal immune reaction to a Covid-19 vaccination. In this Q&A, breast imaging experts address the most important facts on the topic.

Article • Experimental therapy

CRP apheresis: First successful treatment of Covid-19 patient

Apheresis, a procedure that separates and removes particular blood constituents, shows promise for Covid-19 cases: the first patient successfully underwent so-called CRP apheresis, which can prevent potentially fatal consequences of the infection.

Article • Post-hospitalisation

New study reveals impact of 'Long Covid'

Recovery duration, co-morbidities, mortality, risk groups: A large UK study reports in detail on 'Long Covid'. We spoke with two of the study's co-investigators about why so many patients are still affected after a coronavirus infection.

Sponsored • Reprocessing equipment

A breakthrough technology for endoscope drying and storage

Due to their complex design, reusable endoscopes have been long recognized to require thorough reprocessing to properly disinfect. In practice, the drying of the endoscope is often underestimated.

Article • Gender issues

Promoting equity for women in cardiology in the UK

A national network of mentors and female role models, created by the British Cardiovascular Society (BCS), aims to encourage women to become cardiologists and end male dominance and negative and sexist comments.

Article • Innovation in intervention

The promise and reality about AI for interventional oncology

Is artificial intelligence (AI) technology ready to be utilized as a clinical tool by interventional oncologists? Not yet, but when it is, AI technology’s clinical impact may be as profound as advanced imaging is today, two leading experts agree.

Article • LVAD patients monitoring

5G and AI: Telemedicine support for chronic heart failure patients

A new research project will embrace the combination of 5G telecommunications technology and AI to offer continuous remote monitoring to seriously ill heart failure patients, for example those with Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVADs).

Article • IoT in the clinical environment

The smart hospital: A place with ears and eyes

A new platform allows hospitals to deliver improved organisational and financial performance by deploying an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor network to collect data and using AI to analyse the gathered information in a HIPAA-compliant way.

Article • Prevention

Specimen diversion devices lower blood culture contamination

Blood cultures are important laboratory tests to diagnose serious infections. Contamination is a constant concern – a patient could be misdiagnosed due to a false-positive test. Initial specimen diversion (ISD) could radically change this.

Article • Radiology debate

Discussion: the Pros and Cons of contact shielding

Contact shielding is one of the most divisive areas in radiography. Is it still essential in protecting patients from radiation, or has new technology made this precaution obsolete? Two experts debated the issue at the ISRRT congress in Dublin.


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