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Technological advances are a double-edged sword in healthcare: on the on hand, it brings huge benefits, such as AI support for improved diagnostic accuracy. On the other hand, this decision support must be handled with care as to not risk damaging the fragile doctor-patient relationship. Finally, growing dependence on IT can even put hospitals in harm’s way in times of crisis, as the war in Ukraine shows.

Article • Multimodal analysis approach

Novel AI model predicts thyroid cancer from routine ultrasound images

An artificial intelligence (AI) model combining four methods of machine learning (ML) to accurately detect thyroid cancer from routine ultrasound image data has been developed by US researchers.

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Preanalytical challenges and their clinical impact in point-of-care testing

The European Society for Emergency Medicine (EUSEM) held their annual congress on October 27th to 31st, 2021 in the city of Lisbon, to promote education, training and research in European acute care.

Article • Cyberattack collaterals

War in Ukraine also threatens German hospital IT security

Russia's war against Ukraine is also playing out in cyberspace. In the process, clinics in Germany could also be caught in the digital crossfire, IT experts warn.

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Robotic assistance brings benefits for paediatric patients

Robot-assisted surgery has seen marked advances in the past years and thus become a viable tool for more interventions. For example, the challenging field of paediatric surgery can benefit greatly from the new possibilities, reports Prof Wim van ...

News • Call for robust standards

How will AI impact doctor-patient relationships?

Clear ethical standards and guidance are needed for AI in health settings to protect the relationship of trust between doctors and patients and to safeguard human rights, according to a new report.

News • Biomarker from blood test

Lung cancer: Liquid biopsy accurately predicts immunotherapy response

A simple blood test could be a better predictor of whether cancer immunotherapy will be successful for a patient with lung cancer than an invasive tumor biopsy procedure.

Article • Patient-based real-time approach

PBRTQC: improving quality control in the lab

Implementing patient-based real-time quality control (PBRTQC) protocols within the laboratory testing setting can offer benefits in terms of patient safety and reducing risks.


Article • Information & insights

EUROPEAN HOSPITAL 4/2022 is out!

The latest issue of EUROPEAN HOSPITAL is here! We report on EU initiative I³lung to promote lung cancer research, look at the potential of multiplex diagnostics techniques and explore the ethics of AI in radiology. Click here to read the ePaper.


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