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Focused ultrasound: CE Mark for Exablate Neuro

Siemens Healthineers and Insightec announce the CE clearance of Exablate Neuro compatible with Magnetom Skyra, Prisma and Prisma Fit scanners from Siemens Healthineers. Exablate Neuro uses focused…


AI helpers simplify clinical MRI scans

The new 1.5 Tesla MRI from Siemens Healthineers, Magnetom Sola, is packed with helpful algorithms and other functions. AI-supported systems monitor patients and scan parameters and ensure consistent…

Pathology testing

Multimillion-Dollar investment in the Atellica Solution in Australia

Integrated healthcare provider Primary Health Care has joined forces with Siemens Healthineers to deploy more than 70 Atellica Solution immunoassay and clinical chemistry analyzers. This marks…

Going digital

DBT could boost breast screening

Tomosynthesis is under international review, with a surprising number of enticing studies carried out in Northern European countries, among them one headed by Professor Sophia Zackrisson at Lund…

Cardiac imaging on ICE

The benefits of Intracardiac echocardiography

Intracardiac echocardiography (ICE) is an increasingly important guiding tool for structural heart disease interventions – without general anaesthesia. José Ribeiro, who works in the thorax and…

Lab equipment

Atellica Solution gets 'thumbs up' from early adopters

Clinical laboratories are challenged to meet greater testing demands, improve efficiency, and deliver reliable, high-quality results, while facing an increasing shortage of skilled employees and…


Siemens Healthineers tackle the problem of high-BMI patients with new Acuson Sequoia

Confidently scanning patients varying in size is one of the main difficulties in ultrasound imaging. With their new system Acuson Sequoia, Siemens Healthineers respond to this challenge. We spoke…


Siemens Healthineers debuts new thermocycler and AI-powered interpretation software

At the 28th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID 2018), Fast Track Diagnostics, a Siemens Healthineers company, launches a new molecular thermocycler, the Fast…

Digital Ecosystem

Siemens Healthineers offers new way to manage care gaps with AI

At the 2018 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition, Siemens Healthineers showcases the Proactive Follow-up solution as part of its Siemens Healthineers Digital Ecosystem. The application prompts…

A discipline transforming

Adding value with AI in medical imaging

In the next five to 10 years, artificial intelligence is likely to fundamentally transform diagnostic imaging. This will by no means replace radiologists, but rather help to meet the rising demand…

Immunoassay and clinical chemistry analyzers

This is why laboratories worldwide adopt the Atellica Solution

LBM Bioesterel in France, Arcispedale S. Maria Nuova in Italy and Friarage Hospital in the United Kingdom are among the first laboratories to install the Atellica Solution immunoassay and clinical…

New presidency

Siemens Healthineers names Deepak Nath head of laboratory diagnostics

Siemens Healthineers has appointed Dr. Deepak Nath as President of Laboratory Diagnostics effective February 1. Nath succeeds Franz Walt, who served from 2014-2017, and led the business during its…

Disease detection

Siemens Healthineers acquires Fast Track Diagnostics

Siemens Healthineers confirmed that it has completed its acquisition of Fast Track Diagnostics (FTD). The closing of the deal occurred on December 19, 2017, expanding the Siemens Healthineers…


GOKnee3D: Siemens boosts MRI productivity with new application

During the Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), held in Chicago, USA, Siemens Healthineers presents an innovative MRI application that helps to shorten the time it…

EANM 2017

Siemens Healthineers Debuts Biograph Vision PET/CT System

At the 30th Annual Congress of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM), Octobre 21-25 at the Austria Center Vienna, Siemens Healthineers debuts the Biograph Vision, a positron emission…

Laboratory operations

Atellica NEPH 630 System now available

Siemens Healthineers announced its Atellica NEPH 630 System is now available to laboratories. The Atellica NEPH 630 System is a low- to mid-volume nephelometric protein testing solution that…

Cinematic Rendering

Siemens visualization experts nominated for 2017 German Future Prize

Siemens Healthineers employees Dr. Klaus Engel and Dr. Robert Schneider have been nominated for the German Future Prize along with Professor Franz Fellner, MD, for the development of the…

Blood gas solutions

Siemens Healthineers to acquire Epocal from Alere

Siemens Healthineers has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Epocal Inc., a subsidiary of Alere Inc. Epocal Inc. develops and provides point-of-care blood diagnostic systems for healthcare…

Fast triage of chest pain patients

ADVIA Centaur High-Sensitivity Troponin I Assay

The ADVIA Centaur® High-Sensitivity Troponin I (TNIH) assay* is the latest addition to Siemens Healthineers’ comprehensive cardiac menu to assist clinicians with the diagnosis and treatment of…

Hybrid imaging

Siemens Healthineers debuts Symbia Intevo Bold SPECT/CT

At the 2017 annual meeting of the Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (SNMMI), June 10-14 at Denver’s Colorado Convention Center, Siemens Healthineers debuts Symbia Intevo Bold, a…

Learning platform

PEPconnect keeps staff at the forefront of knowledge

The online learning platform PEPconnect from Siemens Healthineers enables caregivers to conveniently access continuous education.


Continuous education in healthcare is key

CEOs are getting increasingly concerned about the availability of key skills. While other key concerns such as over-regulation are mainly external factors that can’t be influenced, the availability…


Boost your learning experience with PEPconnect

The healthcare industry is a competitive environment and clinical institutions have to deliver an ever higher quality of care. Keeping up with trainings and certifications is thus of utmost…


Start of advanced genetic antibiotic resistance testing

Curetis, a developer of next-level molecular diagnostic solutions, today announced that the Company has established Ares Genetics GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Curetis GmbH. Ares Genetics builds…

Radiographer & Industry

You can’t compare an apple with an orange

Usually radiographers work in a clinical environment, are specialised in CT, MR or ultrasound and take care of patients and their treatment. Not so Patrick Doherty, Siemens Healthcare Regional…


New technology adapts automatically to individual characteristics

Just in time for the ECR, Siemens Healthineers is coming up with an innovation. Magnetom Vida, the new high-end 3 Tesla MRI scanner with BioMatrix technology from Siemens Healthineers, was launched…


Big firms forge a new partnership

An alliance between Siemens Healthineers and IBM Watson Health aims to support service providers in the healthcare system, such as hospitals, health networks and other providers.

Digital Ecosystem

Siemens Healthineers establishes global Digital Ecosystem to drive digitalization of healthcare

At the Health IT Conference (HIMSS) 2017 in Orlando, Siemens Healthineers has announced a digital platform for healthcare providers as well as for providers of solutions and services, aimed at…

multiple sclerosis

Siemens Healthineers and Biogen announce agreement to jointly develop new MRI tools

Project will explore quantitative MRI metrics for more informed treatment decision making


A swift new lab automation system

‘Every single hour, more than 200,000 people worldwide are being diagnosed or treated with our devices,’ Michael Reitermann, COO of Siemens Healthineers, proudly reports. No reason, however, for…

Big Data

Automation helps radiologists

The billions of medical images taken and diagnoses made every year across the globe are as varied in quality, detail and structure as the situations in which they are obtained.

POC instruments

Siemens Healthineers acquires Conworx Technology

Siemens Healthineers announced that the company is expanding its informatics capabilities for point-of-care testing with the acquisition of Conworx Technology GmbH, the Berlin-based developer of…

low radiation

High resolution detectors to create safer X-ray diagnosis

A European health consortium is developing a set of low radiation, low cost, flat panel X-ray detectors that use novel photonics technology to make diagnosis safer for patients, hospital and dental…

Diabetic biomarker test successfully verified

EKF Diagnostics announces that its newly introduced Glycated Serum Protein (GSP) LiquiColor® diabetic biomarker test has been verified for use on the Siemens Vista chemistry analyzer. In a…

Population Health Management

Siemens Healthineers and IBM Watson Health Forge Global Alliance

IBM and Siemens Healthineers today announced a five year, global strategic alliance in Population Health Management (PHM). The alliance aims to help hospitals, health systems, integrated delivery…


The next-generation RAPIDComm System

Siemens Healthineers announced today it released a major software upgrade for the RAPIDComm Data Management System (V6.0), an informatics solution to centrally manage in vitro diagnostics analyzers…


3-D transducers prove their mettle in cardiology

One of the first facilities to purchase a complete set of the 3-D TEE transducer, including the equipment, was the Department of Cardiology and Angiology at University Hospital Magdeburg, as Thomas…


Siemens and INSIGHTEC provide access to Exablate Neuro technology

INSIGHTEC announced the signing of a strategic agreement with the global leader in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Siemens Healthineers. The strategic collaboration will involve the development of…

Clinical Chemistry

Siemens Healthineers Unveils Atellica Solution at AACC 2016

Siemens Healthineers unveiled the Atellica Solution(1), a highly flexible immunoassay and clinical chemistry solution featuring patented bi-directional magnetic sample-transport technology that is 10…


Siemens Zika test receives FDA emergency use authorization

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. (Siemens) an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for its real-time PCR Zika Virus assay, the VERSANT® Zika…


Proven Practices for Lab Automation Success

Cost constraints, higher workloads, and a shortage of qualified staff are three distinct market trends driving demand for greater efficiency in the laboratory. The goals of automation are to make…

Siemens Healthioneers

Managed Equipment Services contract from UK worth around €50 million

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust (the Trust) has awarded Siemens Healthineers a cooperation contract worth around €50 million. The Trust is an integrated care organization which is…


Children distracted by DVDs in scanner

The Royal Sussex County Hospital, in Brighton, has installed a Siemens Healthcare Magnetom Aera 1.5-Tesla system incorporating special features to help relax younger patients. Within months of the…


Unravel the mysteries of the human brain

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has officially opened the Cardiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC), a unique neuroimaging research hub in Wales. The facility will seek to provide…


How Dual Source technology is revolutionizing CT

Since launching SOMATOM Definition in 2005, Siemens has continued to develop Dual Source technology in order to overcome the remaining challenges in computed tomography. This significant development…


The Swiss Army knife of radiology

Not all innovations marketed as ‘world premieres’ actually make a significant impact on the world. However, the new robotic X-ray system ‘Multitom Rax’ (Robotic Advanced X-ray) introduced by…

Neurology departments

MR applications provide greater efficiency

Siemens Healthcare has launched a range of new MR applications to help hospitals reduce the time needed for MR imaging within neurology. It is estimated that 20 to 25 per cent of all MR examinations…


Big data and computer-assisted diagnoses

One thing is certain in big data discussions: Intelligent machines will change our world considerably. What is less certain is exactly how these changes will look. Although networked data processing…


How Blue is your hospital?

Today’s hospitals must achieve sustained efficiency on an economic, ecological, qualitative and social level. However, only those that know their own weaknesses can act. Interviewed by European…


Easy to learn yet high performance US

The Acuson NX3* and Acuson NX3 Elite*, two new ultrasound systems from Siemens Healthcare, are on show at this year’s Medica Trade Fair. ‘Both mid-range systems offer a simple, intuitive…


Siemens and Inpeco extend long-term partnership

Today, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and Inpeco signed a new contract that extends the companies’ long-lasting status as preferred partners in laboratory automation. Siemens and Inpeco will be…

Siemens Computed Tomography

40 Years at the cutting edge of technological development

40 years after the launch of its first series model, Siretom, Siemens Healthcare is looking back on the successful development of its computed tomography division. With innovations such as Spiral,…


Scottish NHS group endorses automation

It’s thumbs up for Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics’ Aptio Automation, following a two-year deployment by Dundee-based National Health Service (NHS) Dundee, the first north European healthcare…

Influential innovations

Unfolding new vistas for MRI, PET and PET/CT

The importance of cardiac imaging is increasing, but nuclear medicine procedures are by no means obsolete, observes Okan Ekinci, during our EH interview with the Siemens Vice President for Healthcare…

Point-of-Care II

Acuson P500 - for almost any clinical environment

At ECR 2015 Siemens Healthcare introduces its new hand-carried Acuson P500 ultrasound system, Frosk edition.

Siemens Healthcare

New MAGNETOM Amira can save up to €20,000 in operational costs

Siemens Healthcare’s new 1.5-tesla scanner MAGNETOM Amira enables clinical excellence with comparatively low costs per scan. MAGNETOM Amira offers the same technologies that are available on the…

Dual Energy

Siemens - Dual Energy to routine CT Imaging

With the new version of the SOMATOM Definition Edge, Siemens Healthcare has created the basis for establishing the dual energy procedure in clinical routine. The innovative X-ray tube concept in the…

Complete portable ultrasound

Siemens Healthcare’s Acuson P300 ultrasound system, a compact portable device, integrates high-performance hardware and software and offers 13 multi-frequency transducers for high clinical…

Cerner to Acquire Siemens Health Services for $1.3 Billion

Acquisition to further industry innovation with a combined $650 million annual R&D investment Complementary client bases expand global presence.

Beckman Coulter to Acquire Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics’ Clinical Microbiology Business

Beckman Coulter, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR), announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase the clinical microbiology business…

Laboratory automation

On the leading edge of automation for medical laboratory testing, Siemens Healthcare rolled out an impressive suite of new products at IFCC WorldLab 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey that are ‘exactly…

Mobile POC applications and educational resources

‘Physicians and clinicians treating patients at the point of care (POC) can benefit greatly from easy access to materials and resources via their handheld devices,’ comments Jamie Gramz, Director…

Ultrasound in progress

Ultrasound technology is continuously developing and competing with the sectional imaging procedures – therapy progress can be monitored, facilitating personalised medicine.

Siemens enters agreement with Pfizer for companion diagnostics

Today, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc. announces that it has entered into a master collaboration agreement with Pfizer Inc. to design, develop and commercialize diagnostic tests for therapeutic…


We have entered ultrasound’s renaissance period

An innovative technology is enabling radiologists to provide more accurate diagnoses.

Fusing images from different sources

Okan Ekinci, Global Director of Cardiology at Siemens Healthcare, is convinced that, ultimately, ultrasound will remain the ‘entry level’ imaging procedure for patients. European Hospital met up…

Mobility is vital for patients and machines

New technological opportunities make it continuously easier to use medical devices anywhere, for in- and out-patient care. The technology has become mobile – and so have the patients. In-patient…

Somatom Force opens CT to highly sensitive patients

Somatom Force – the new computer tomograph (CT) from Siemens – recently had its first public presentation worldwide at the University Medical Centre Mannheim, Germany.

Another fine MES for healthcare equipment finance

Managed Equipment Service (MES) contracts have the potential to transform equipment-supply financing for healthcare, according to Siemens Financial Services’ Ulrich Stark, Head of Debt Origination…

Raising awareness of in vitro diagnosis values

Labs need to optimise their costs as well as accommodate increasing volumes – and new tests are continuously demanded.

syngo.plaza VB10

The next level of reading efficiency

At healthcare facilities across the globe, the Siemens PACS syngo.plaza delivers high-throughput reading, easy-to-manage IT, and the ultimate potential of the syngo platform.

Siemens launches syngo Training Academy to enhance user knowledge

Siemens Healthcare has officially opened a dedicated training facility for its syngo clinical imaging solutions.

Life is precious. Take CARE.

Protecting patients and staff from unnecessary radiation is of major concern. Today, thanks to advanced technologies and applications, outcomes for diagnosis and intervention can be optimized at the…

The first wireless ultrasound transducer

This spring, when Siemens Healthcare launched the world’s first wireless ultrasound transducer, the Erlangen-based company ushered in a development that might make mobile scanning in, say, 20…

The next level of reading efficiency

At healthcare facilities across the globe, the Siemens PACS syngo.plaza delivers high-throughput reading, easy-to-manage IT, and the ultimate potential of the syngo platform.

Denmark’s top-class robot technology

Copenhagen’s Hilleroed Hospital now has the world’s most advanced medical laboratory system, providing full automation from the point of drawing a blood sample to results delivery.

The curious tale of abandoned plans and dismantled hopes

A prototype for proton and ion therapy has been used clinically in Heidelberg since 2009. Built jointly by Siemens and GSI (Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research) in Darmstadt.

Siemens re-engineers radiography with flat emitter, new detector

In the highly competitive US market for interventional radiology, Siemens introduced a ground-breaking new imaging chain for the Artis line that sets a new standard for image quality.

MRI powerhouse breaks new ground in medical research

At RSNA 2012, Siemens is launching its new MRI addressing academic research centres and university hospitals. According to Bernd Ohnesorge, the Magnetom Prisma 3.0 T enforces the company’s major…

Increased automation speeds up results

Siemens platform provides tracking, biochemistry, haematology, serology and coagulation services in a single automated laboratory solution

CT contrast agent injector and CT scanners communicate

The CT motion CT contrast agent injector from ulrich medical and Siemens CT scanners can now synchronise scans and contrast agent injections thanks to a new interface.

The new Acuson P300 compact portable ultrasound system

Announcing the addition of the Acuson P300 to its ultrasound portfolio, Siemens Healthcare reports that this is a compact portable device designed to meet the imaging needs for a wide spectrum of…

Siemens launches ‘Aptio’ at AACC 2012

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics launched Aptio™ Automation¹, the company’s next generation laboratory automation platform, at the 2012 AACC and ASCLS Annual Meetings and Clinical Lab Expo in Los…

Now they can talk to each other

For radiologists and radiology technologists, this development will mean advantages in workflow and documentation of injection parameters.

ELF helps to assess chronic liver disease

Devised by the European Liver Test group, the new, non-invasive Enhanced Liver Fibrosis (ELF) test on Siemens ADVIA Centaur Immunoassay Systems can identify, in under an hour, bloodbased biomarkers…

Energy contracting for a greener hospital

Modernisation and a financing model facilitate savings of up to 50% in primary energy consumption. Every year, European hospitals face energy costs in the €billions. In Germany, for instance, the…

3-T MRI is now more accessible

A new competitively priced scanner promises to make 3-tesla MRI more accessible to a wider range of institutions, according to Siemens Healthcare.

Siemens Presents Premium Ultrasound System

High-performance system makes exceptional image quality and advanced clinical applications accessible to a broader base of customers and patients. At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in…

Helping to create the ‘medical home’ EPR

Neuroradiologist and researcher Gregory Sorensen MD, changed roles in June 2011 when, as the new President & CEO of Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc., he became responsible for the entire…

Remote blood gas data management

The 500-bed Warrington Hospital in the north-west of England has introduced rapid, accurate POCT to its wards. The hospital was one of the first in the UK to install Siemens RAPIDLab 1200 Blood Gas…

Enter the business class in CT

The innovation leader in CT and a pioneer in low dose: Siemens introduced a new class of CT which is built for business and designed for efficiency.

Siemens Healthcare wins largest order in Latin America

Siemens Healthcare has won the largest order for medical imaging equipment ever awarded to one single supplier in Latin America. Over the next three years, Siemens will deliver 60 highly innovative…

Siemens Unveils Acuson S3000 in Chicago

Siemens Healthcare launched the ACUSON S3000, its latest ultra-premium ultrasound platform, at the 97th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in…

For U.S. Adults, Medical Imaging Awareness Brings Clarity to Critical Healthcare Decision-Making

Amid increased scrutiny over medical imaging scans and the use of radiation, a new survey reveals that awareness and familiarity with medical imaging tests lead to clearer decisions for U.S. adults…

Siemens today supports “Doctors of the World”

On the occasion of Medica 2011, Siemens Healthcare has launched a donation campaign for “Doctors of the World” For every fifty Siemens ultrasound systems sold between October 1 and December 31,…

How information is turned into knowledge

If you look at the current – not to mention the future – challenges in the hospital environment the term information technology seems misleading. Surely there is no dearth of information. The…

The Acuson S2000 ultrasound system

Siemens Healthcare reports that the firm’s new Acuson S2000 system includes the new multifunctional transducer 6C1 HD (high density) specifically designed for abdominal examinations, displaying…

Web-based education in dose reduction in radiology and nuclear medicine

Siemens Healthcare is the first medical engineering company to offer a Low Dose Information Center on the Web. This English-language platform for continuing education and information around the topic…

All in one: Hybrid imaging with MR/PET

Although like a conventional MR scanner the unassuming exterior is misleading. The casing houses a powerful interior. This is the new Siemens Biograph mMR, a hybrid that contains a specially…

Siemens describes its new and advanced technology at AACC 2011

The health of the laboratory/ clinician relationship has always served as a good indicator of the overall quality of a given healthcare network. Historically, labs focused ‘heads down’ on…

Solutions for Sustainable Cardiovascular Care

Siemens Healthcare presented solutions for sustainable cardiovascular care at the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) congress in Paris, France, under the motto "Are you ready for the long…

Purchasing diagnostic systems

The acquisition of large diagnostic imaging equipment is clearly expensive – but further costs also result from their energy consumption and maintenance, as well as hidden costs due to complicated,…

‘Our products are competitive’

In recent years the ultrasound division of Siemens Healthcare appeared to be a Sleeping Beauty slumbering on in the shadow of large slice imaging equipment such as PET/CT and MR/PET, the medical…

Siemens Fully Automated ADVIA Centaur Syphilis Assay Receives CE Marketing Approval

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics announced today that its ADVIA Centaur® Syphilis Assay1 for the detection of antibodies against Treponema pallidum, a bacterium known to cause the sexually-transmitted…

Automation evolving from customers’ own needs

Adaptability and scalability were the buzz words at the Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics booth at this year’s IFCC-Worldlab and EuroMedLab congress. With the ongoing generation of their…

MRI - Aiming to crack the human brain code

The Netherlands - In a very crowded train station, why can you immediately recognise the face of a friend? Professor Rainer Goebel wants to find out. Thanks to €10 million in funding from the…

Four automated immunosuppressant drug tests on one integrated system

Following CE mark registration to sell a fully-automated Mycophenolic acid (MPAT) test for use on the Dimension integrated chemistry systems*, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has become the first to…

Siemens presents its latest mobile X-ray system with a wireless detector

2011 Siemens launches Mobilett Mira, its first mobile digital X-ray system with a wireless detector. The detector sends image data via W-LAN to an integrated imaging unit and particularly facilitates…

New healthcare products for the environmental portfolio

Siemens has incorporated three further healthcare products into its environmental portfolio: The Somatom Definition Flash computer tomograph, the Axiom Luminos dRF fluoroscopy system and the Ysio…

The multi-window monitor for interventional imaging

Necessity is the mother of invention, an old saying but particularly true in interventional radiology. Whenever minimally invasive procedures need monitoring from different angles and by different…

Efficiency Gains with Siemens syngo.via

Since Siemens Healthcare launched syngo.via, its imaging software for multimodality reading of clinical cases, clinicians worldwide are reporting significant workflow efficiency gains. More than 100…

“Act on Stroke“: Siemens presents a new consulting concept for optimized stroke care

The Siemens sector Healthcare has developed the new consulting model “Act on Stroke”, tailored specifically to clinical workflows in the treatment of stroke. Following models for industry…

Where are we - and what lies ahead?

In a European Hospital interview Professor Herman Requardt, Head of Corporate Technology and CEO of Siemens Healthcare Sector, offered his views on current and future healthcare manufacturing needs…

Cardio-Thoracic Center of Monaco is the first Siemens European Reference Center Cardiovascular Medicine

Siemens Healthcare and the Cardio-Thoracic Center of Monaco (CCM) signed a partnership contract in Monaco. Within the framework of this contract, CCM was nominated the first “Siemens European…

The impact of diagnostic IT

At a meeting hosted by Siemens at AACC 2010, an expert panel shared perspectives on IT in the clinical lab. Representatives from Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit, MI), Alegent Health (Omaha, NE) and…

New imaging software from Siemens simplifies workflow for minimally invasive heart valve implantation

At ESC, Siemens presents a new image processing software that helps cardiologists and cardiac surgeons prepare and perform transcatheter aortic valve implantations (TAVI): Syngo Aortic ValveGuide…

Ethianum in Heidelberg with future proof infrastructure

The Ethianum in Heidelberg is one of the first clinics in Germany to align itself consistently according to sustainability criteria, thus making it a hospital in keeping with the spirit of Siemens'…

Acuson SC2000 powered by a long-life workstation

The new Dell Precision T5500 Long-Life workstation has been adopted by Siemens Healthcare Sector to power its Acuson SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound system. The selected workstation is part of a…

Update: PRISCA - prenatal risk calculation software

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics announced the release of PRISCA version 5.0 Prenatal Risk Calculation Software available in Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. The upgraded…

Breast Care Solutions from Siemens at the German Radiology Congress

Siemens Healthcare was presenting its latest solutions for the early detection and treatment of breast cancer at the German Radiology Congress in Berlin. These Breast Care Solutions include a variety…

Journey to the stomach

The journey into the self becomes reality: Siemens Healthcare and Olympus Medical

Systems Corporation announce collaborative development of advanced magnetically


Siemens showcases advanced ultrasound solutions

At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2010 in Vienna, Siemens Healthcare

presented its innovative ultrasound solutions. The highlight this year was the new release of its premium…

Virtual Touch Tissue Imaging and Quantification

Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging (ARFI) is a new tissue strain imaging technology that utilizes sound waves to interrogate the mechanical stiffness properties of tissue. Virtual Touch™…

New imaging software for multimodality reading

With syngo.via, Siemens’ new imaging software for multimodality reading of clinical cases, the company is placing special focus on reading efficiency through automated case preparation and…

Siemens introduces Tim and Dot

At this year´s RSNA Siemens Healthcare introduced a new generation of its Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology and its new Dot (Day optimizing throughput) engine. Both technologies are introduced…

Light and color: Healthcare Lighting presented by Siemens

At the RSNA 2009, the congress of the Radiological Society of North America, Siemens Healthcare presents "Healthcare Lighting", a concept for lighting design in medical facilities, aimed at…

Siemens wins service contract from large US clinic

The University of Pennsylvania Health System, one of the largest health systems in the US, has awarded a $135 million contract for Integrated Service Management to Siemens Healthcare. Over the next…

Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT

Siemens Healthcare reported at the annual meeting of the European Association of Nuclear medicine (EANM) in Barcelona, Spain, that leading hospitals in England, France, Germany and Monaco have shown…

All Images in a Single View

With its new diagnostic reporting software for breast imaging in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Siemens Healthcare provides radiologists with new opportunities in Women's Health. The syngo BreVis…

MR Breast Care with Open Bore — and it's Pink!

On this years ECR Siemens Healthcare presents its dedicated MRI breast scanner. With it's pink design it immediately catches the eye on the company's booth. In an interview with EH, Boris Tolkien,…

Siemens presents new MR applications for Oncology

Siemens Healthcare exhibits its latest solutions in the field of Magnetic Resonance (MR) for Oncology at the European Radiology Congress ECR 2009 in Vienna. The syngo TimCT Oncology application…

Integrating lab diagnostics, imaging and IT

Working in partnership to integrate diagnostic imaging, laboratory diagnostics and IT, the Hospital Clinic Barcelona and Siemens Healthcare aim to develop innovative systems to prevent, treat and…

New MRI breast scanner from Siemens

Siemens Healthcare recently presented its first MRI breast scanner, Magnetom Espree-Pink. The 1.5-Tesla system is the latest innovation in magnetic resonance imaging, featuring a dedicated solution…

Siemens Novius Lab receives award

Renowned research firm KLAS has named Siemens Healthcare's (NOVIUS Lab as the recipient of its 2008 Best in KLAS award for laboratory information systems (LIS) for large hospitals with more than 200…


Shenzhen Landwind Industry Co. Ltd. (Landwind) began operations as a distributor for Siemens and Philips ultrasound products in mainland China and later commenced production of its own black and…

eFA project gains accolades in Connectathon

The first Connectathon of `eFA´, a hospital-driven German electronic patient record (EPR) project was considered a success by health IT providers and hospital representatives. During the Berlin…

Biograph mCT

At Medica 2008, Siemens introduced its latest generation PET-CT, the Biograph mCT. During a European Hospital interview, Markus Lusser (ML), worldwide Head of Distribution and Marketing for Molecular…

Integrated healthcare solutions

Siemens Healthcare announced the signing of an agreement with Hospital Clinic in Barcelona, Spain, to integrate the use of laboratory diagnostics, imaging and information technology systems with the…

Introducing the new SOMATOM Definition Flash

Siemens' latest high-end scanner, which takes our unmatched Dual Source technology to a whole new level, is the SOMATOM Definition Flash — a scanner that will change your perceptions of radiation…

Siemens and Asklepios Expand Cooperation in the IT Sector

A cooperation agreement as part of the Asklepios Future Hospital programme seals practice-related advancement of the Siemens hospital information system The companies sealed their…

Koreans spend $20 million more on Siemens technology

The new Pusan National University Hospital in Yangsan city is due to receive 44 new medical systems thanks to another large ($20 million) Korean order given to Siemens Healthcare. The hospital has…

ACUSON S2000 with Virtual Touch improves liver diagnosis

Siemens Healthcare is showing a very innovative application on the new ACUSON S2000 ultrasound system. “The software packages Virtual Touch tissue imaging and Virtual Touch tissue quantification…

Targeting market needs

In October, the office of the Federal President announced that Professor Haverich, with his Hanover research team, has been nominated for the 'German Future Prize' for the development and successful…

Urinalysis strip test

Siemens new Clinitek Micro-albumin 9 Urinalysis Strip is now available in Europe. The strips, which can be used on the firm's Clinitek Status analyser, or the Clinitek Advantus analyser, provide nine…

Integrated Diagnostic Imaging with Biograph mCT

Siemens Healthcare introduces molecular CT, a new concept in integrated imaging that provides a premium imaging platform, and is a practical solution for today's shrinking healthcare budget.

Siemens opens Cologne research centre

Siemens Healthcare has opened a new research centre in Cologne, where around 40 employees are developing new diagnostic tests to describe the molecular characteristics of breast cancer cells, to help…

Deadline for hypoxic tumors

Moving personalized medicine from promise to practice. Siemens Healthcare announces the early study findings of a new imaging biomarker for hypoxic tumors. This clinically problematic cells tend to…

First image of a single heart cycle

The Acuson SC2000 volume imaging ultrasound system - reported to be the first system in the world to acquire non-stitched real-time full-volume 3-D images of the heart in one single heart cycle - is…

European debut for Acuson S2000

Siemens Healthcare will show its Acuson S2000, the first ultrasound system in the new product series S, at the ESC*. The system platform includes integration of the newest technologies to optimise…

Siemens: heart scan with lower dosage by using DSCT

A new study reveals that, with dual-source computed tomography (DSCT), the effective dosage for a heart examination can be significantly lowered, in comparison to conventional computed tomography…

Advanced sample management in the lab

Siemens Healthcare has developed an sample management system that can be matched with analysis systems for immunology and clinical chemistry. It identifies the test to be performed for which patient…

Siemens to cut 1,550 jobs in healthcare sector

Continuing its transformation program, Siemens intends to make job cuts primarily in administration-related functions. “The speed at which business is changing has increased considerably, and we're…

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust upgrade their cardiothoracic centre

Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Trust is a partnership of two specialist hospitals which are known for excellent expertise, standard of care and research success. For their new magnetic navigation…

Siemens - special events at Booth #507

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics will showcase the

combined strengths of Diagnostics Products Corporation (DPC), Bayer HealthCare Diagnostics and Dade Behring.

Companion diagnostics and more

Possibilities to co-develop new clinical diagnostic tests for companion diagnostics, metabolic syndrome, oncology and diabetes, are being explored by Siemens Healthcare and Laboratory Corporation of…

New molecular diagnostic research institute

Siemens Healthcare is working on diagnostic tests for early detection and characterziation of a patient's tumor cells. The Cologne laboratories for molecular diagnostics especially concentrate on the…

Image-guided radiation therapy

Artiste is a linear accelerator and CT scanner combined. At the German Cancer Research Centre, a team of scientists led by Professors Wolfgang Schlegel and Uwe Oelfke of the Medical Physics in…

Siemens Healthcare without Erich Reinhardt

Erich Reinhardt, CEO of Siemens Healthcare, will resign effective April 30, in conjunction with compliance violations within Siemens' medical group. Reinhardt, 61, was not personally involved in the…

1st class though 2nd hand

The purchasing and distribution of refurbished equipment was left to specialist retailers for years, until leading manufacturers - for reasons of quality as well as image - established themselves in…

New applications for Dual-Source CT

Encouraged by the success of the Dual-Source CT system Somatom Definition with two X-ray tubes that simultaneously generate different energies, Siemens Healthcare has already developed six specific…

Apply Proven Ideas from Industry to Hospital Management, Recommends Siemens Healthcare Executive.

“P to the power of 3” was the formula that Siemens used to make the global corporation profitable and competitive again after a troublesome period in the 1990's. Britta Fünfstück, head of…

Uniting the lab and radiology

Healthcare is in a dynamic state of change — and so is the healthcare industry, in which there is an increasing trend towards integrating scientific disciplines.

Shedding new light on healthcare: The Siemens Healthcare Solution Center

Siemens Healthcare has entirely redesigned its visitors' center, the Siemens Healthcare Solution Center. On 2,000 sqm the visitors can experience how state-of-the-art medical technology ensures…

Digital X-ray unit with a wireless detector

Siemens Medical Solutions, which launched Ysio wi-D - its first digital X-ray unit equipped with a wireless detector - at Medica, said it combines all the advantages of digital X-ray imaging with the…

Mummy Research at the University of Zurich

A Swiss-German research team under the supervision of Dr. Dr. Frank Rühli of the Institute of Anatomy, University of Zurich, Switzerland, reports a milestone in medico-diagnostic research of ancient…

Ultrasound technology may reduce breast biopsies

eSie Touch Elasticity Imaging, a new method in ultrasound, demonstrated by Siemens Medical Solutions in March at the European Congress of Radiology, is an adjunct to regular breast ultrasound…

Siemens Medica Press Conference

Siemens in collaboration with the Rhön -Klinikum and the Fraunhofer ISST announced that in December, they will start an electronic case file (eFA) pilot project. For the first time data will be…

Acuson P50: laptop-based ultrasound system for POC-use.

The Acuson P50 is a new laptop-based ultrasound system from Siemens Medical Solutions. Presented at the MEDICA 2007, the portable ultrasound system was specially designed for mobile applications in…

Determining vascular age

New to the Siemens Medical Solutions portfolio of ultrasound applications is the syngo Arterial Health Package (AHP), which calculates cardiovascular risks by measuring carotid intima media thickness…

POC diabetes management

The DCA Vantage Analyser from Siemens Medical Solutions Diagnostics is a user-friendly, point-of-care (POC) patient management platform for diabetes.

From Screening to Diagnosis and Follow-Up

Easy to operate, highly accessible, fast and mobile - these are the characteristics that make ultrasound the No. 1 used modality in diagnostic imaging and the reason why leading healthcare providers…

A highly portable mini-ultrasound device

The Acuson P10 - barely bigger than your BlackBerry and weighing just 500 grams.

One of Europe's biggest e-health projects

Following an agreement between Wolfgang Pföhler, Chairman of the Management Board of German company Rhön-Klinikum AG, and Professor Erich R Reinhardt, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and…

One of Europe's biggest e-health projects

Following an agreement between Wolfgang Pföhler, Chairman of the Management Board of German company Rhön-Klinikum AG, and Professor Erich R Reinhardt, Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG and…

Siemens receives approval for acquisition of Dade Behring by European Commission

The deal is perfect: The European Commission gave the ok for Siemens´ plans to acquire the U.S. based laboratory diagnostic company Dade Behring Holdings, Inc.. Due to that deal, Siemens will secure…

Acuson P10 — the world's smallest ultrasound device

The Acuson P10 is a new portable ultrasound device, developed and manufactured by Siemens Medical Solutions. The new system in the size of a Blackberry embodies Point of Care Testing (POCT)…

Enviromental Protection in medical technology

For the production of medical technology products more and more companies take enviromental protection and energy efficiency into consideration. Siemens Medical Solutions e.g. ensures with a holistic…

World's first human brain images scanned with a PET/MRI hybrid system

The next-generation of hybrid imaging technology was presented at this years SNM meeting in Washington, D.C: The first human brain images from a prototype PET/MRI system, which is developed by a…

Siemens to acquire Dade Behring

With a merger agreement with the US-based Dade Behring, Inc., Siemens Medical Solutions again strengthens its in-vitro diagnostic division and becomes leader in the diagnostic market. Dade Behring,…

European Institute of Molecular Imaging founded in Münster, Germany

Besides sophisticated imaging technologies, biomarkers are the key to molecular medicine. Therefore, the development of new and more specific biomarkers is the primary aim of researchers around the…

Molecular imaging and biomarkers

Whilst Siemens AG in Germany is going through turbulent times, the medical branch of the business remains on steady ground.

In-vivo and in-vitro diagnostics in molecular medicine

In molecular medicine - and particularly in oncology - Siemens Medical Solutions is concentrating on further development of the FDG (fluorodeoxyglucose) biomarker to improve identification of certain…

New technology to reduce biopsies

Although about 75% of biopsies are negative, the side effects of that invasive procedure, plus the length of time to results, disturbs patients. Now, however, a new technology might be able to…

Digital breast tomosynthesis

By Thomas Mertelmeier, Principal Scientist at Siemens AG Medical Solutions

Peter Loescher: The unknown famous manager

When the Siemens board of directors announced its decision for the new Siemens CEO on Sunday, the economic world was surprised: Not only that the name Peter Löscher was never mentioned in the…

Reward for silent 'sentry' guarding babies

A system that aims to prevent newborns from being swapped or kidnapped in hospitals, has received the RFID Award in the German Innovations Prize 2007, granted by Initiative Mittelstand, an…

Financing the future of European healthcare

Siemens Financial Services (SFS) recently published an international white paper focusing on the financing of European and US healthcare systems.

Biplanar radiography system provides new views

A new imaging system for universal angiography and neuroradiology was recently introduced by Siemens Medical Solutions: The Axiom Artis dBA Twin biplanar radiography system.

Company Round-up

Siemens Medical Solutions strengthens its diagnostics devision, J&J wins stent patent appeal over Boston Scientific and Medtronic, Leica extends its product range and GE Healthcare cooperates…

SOMATOM Definition CT Receives FDA Approval for First Six Dual Energy Applications

At the RSNA 2006 Siemens Medical Solutions announced it has received 510(k) approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the first of many syngo® Dual Energy applications for the…

syngo Lung CAD detects more lung nodules

syngo Lung CAD, the second generation of nodule detection software from Siemens received FDA approval letter.

A sublime strategy for holistic diagnoses

Professor Erich Reinhardt (below), President and CEO of Siemens Medical Solutions and member of the Board of Management of Siemens AG, discusses the company's current and future strategies.

Real-time access to CT scans on laptops and PCs

In July, Siemens Medical Solutions launched syngo WebSpace, a new client-server computed tomography (CT) system that is the first to provide real-time access to patient's CT scans on personal…

MRI software for detection & diagnosis

Ideal solution for paediatric neurological and orthopaedic imaging.

Vision Inside the Heart

A small, powerful new ultrasound catheter, named AcuNav 8F, improves access to the entire heart, Siemens Medical Solutions reports.

The European Institute of Molecular Imaging

The First European Institute of Molecular Imaging (EIMI) was foundet at the Westphalian Wilhelms-University in Muenster, Germany.

The Eisenherz project

Tobias Schaeffter PhD, Principal Scientist, Philips Research Laboratories, Hamburg, Arne Hengerer PhD, Director molecular MR, Siemens Medical Solutions, Erlangen, and Andreas Briel PhD, Eisenherz…

Siemens to acquire Bayer's Diagnostics Division

Siemens has signed an agreement with Bayer to acquire the chemical and pharmaceutical company's Diagnostics Division.

Developing the electronic health card

For a number of years, both the Communications and Medical Solutions Groups of Siemens AG and the Bamberg-based firm DOCexpert Computer GmbH have been actively involved in creating IT-based…

Biochip for the early detection of cancer

The Innsbruck Biocentre, led by Professor Lukas Huber, is involved in a major European research project. This involves the development of a 'biological interface' for a new semiconductor developed by…

The Imaging Science Institute

The Imaging Science Institute (ISI) — officially opened in December by Professor Werner Bautz, Director of the Institute of Radiology at the University Hospital Erlangen and Professor Erich R…

Multifunctional lithotripter

Lithoskop, a new multifunctional lithotripsy system, is to be publicly launched by Siemens Medical Solutions at the European Association of Urology Congress, to be held in Istanbul, Turkey this March.

All-in-one digital mammography

Siemens Medical Solutions reports that the first installations have been completed in France, Germany, Italy and Sweden of its new all-in-one system for digital full-field mammography, named Mammomat…

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Digital mammography

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Blood gases, electrolytes, oximetry

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